Heights of nonsense!

If you haven't guessed this, here's a hint: think workwise. Still if you haven't guessed it, you're perhaps a manager/leader!

Okay, here's what happens. This guy doesn't do his work, he wants you to do his work. He wants you to do your work too, but he doesn't let you do it. Here's a great example. He asks a chap to report the lines of code in the project. Wait, I've a better way to tell it out... managerial/leadership nonsense is best told in points. Thats how they like it, right? So here goes (abbvs used are SE for software engr and PL for project load, er, leader...)
  • PL: Report the no. of lines in the product code, split projectwise, modulewise, etc
  • SE: (Searches tools, makes a good report, sends)
  • PL: Which project is totally a part of the product, which is not?
  • SE: This is this, that is that, etc.
  • PL: Which one do we need to study out of this for our work?
  • SE: blah blah.
  • PL: Can you split your report into comments and active code?
  • SE: Report doesn't include comments, only active code!
  • PL: Can you split in code and headers, then?
  • SE: (thinking: why do we care? We can't read code without headers!) Tool doesn't allow.
  • PL: Which tool?
  • SE: This tool.
  • PL: Can you use this tool, instead?
  • PL once more: (Recalls mail)
  • PL again: Can you use this? blah blah link
  • SE: (?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $#@#$@^^$%&@$)
More info awaited... but I'll stop here. It just doesn't make any sense, unless *non* means a lot!!!
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