I was drawn to an article by Lindsay on rediff about Indians being hypocrites. Well, to start with, lets say that its Lindsay's *opinion* and there's no need to get wild about it. But I'm about to pose some Qs to the author, piecemeal.

(some of the words have been written with improper spacing to avoid irrelevant searches from landing here)
  • K i s sing: Do you know the difference between k i s sing in public vs in private?
  • S e xuality: Hope you've seen the movie Page-3. But do you know the difference between accepting h o m o s e xuality vs teaching the society to follow it; eg, a how-to?
  • S e x: Did you not know that children are a result of s e x u a l activity? Still have doubts on how Indian population rose so high? Heard of K a m a s u t r a?
  • Cricket: Have you heard of Vishwanathan Anand, Mahesh Bhupathi, Leander Paes, Dhanraj Pillai & Sania Mirza? Do you know what "nobody's perfect" means?
  • Religion, riots: Do you know the religions of our respected President & Prime Minister? Would you know what beliefs did the earlier ones belong to? Does India not having invaded any country mean anything to you? Do you know why Ayodhya issue is at a standstill? Do you know that Hindu temples were converted into public toilets in our neighboring country without finding a mention? Do you know how people who convert other's religion forcibly are rewarded in other countries?
  • Women: Have you heard of Rani Lakshmibai, Akka Mahadevi, Indira Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj, Maneka Gandhi, Kiran Bedi and the like?
  • Teachers: Do you see contradiction between what you write here: "We teach our sons that teaching is not just a job for women" and what you've written about women earlier? If your parents had told you of this noble profession, would you've grown up to be a teacher? Would you know where the now-English-too word *guru* comes from?
  • Culture: Can you define Indian culture before commenting and would you say that you befit such?
  • Monuments: Do you know if the monuments of India that you mention were scribbled over by *all*, they would no longer exist?
  • Marriages: Would you understand if I tell you that when a person allows a son to marry by choice and not the daughter so, the marrying son marries someone else's daughter who herself is marrying by choice?
  • Loving the country: Do you know what the Quit India movement was?
You may well say that I've picked specifics to pose an argument to your case. But so have you made the exceptions as general! Overall, any Indian-to-the-heart wouldn't be less than happy in India.

Personally, I dislike hypocrites. But even worse are those who curse everyone around them, not helping the system, calling people names, focusing only on the negatives and not on the good things that the country offers them. Lindsay, as a character-building exercise, for once, try writing good about the country. Try dropping your thanklessness, comparing the freedom of speech you and I have today in India, with that you would've had elsewhere.

Look at your biases towards the western society and their followings and so-called freedom. Think how our country would've been treated had we gone against UN and attacked our neighbors, for example.

(Anyways, a friend and I'd bought some stuff from rediff and thats when we concluded that rediff sucks. In fact, rediff should read as read-if... )

Satyameva jayate, vande maataram
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