A month to Ganges...

... and a year to Kailash; I'm living on these thoughts today.

Next month, I'm planned on a trip to Gangotri & Yamnotri; two of the many sources of holy Ganges. In this connection, there are two things that happened today. I was reminded of the following Meera bhajan by Sriram, who is the other half of the team.

calo man gangA jamunA tIr
gangA jamunA nirmal pAnI, shItal hot sharIr
bansI bajAvat gAvat kAnhA, sang liyE balabIr
mor mukuT pItAmbar sohE, kuNDal jalakat hIr
mIrA kahe prabhu giridhar nAgar, caraN-kamal par shIr

I also chanced upon this from the Rig Veda today, while going through the book, Sacred Waters, by Stephen Alter:

The waters of the sky or those that flow,
those that are dug out or those that arise by themselves,
those pure and clear waters that seek the ocean
as their goal -- let the waters, who are
goddesses, help me here and now.

Need I say more?
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