In my last peak of spirituality, I was always in naamasmaraN or bhajans; this was the time I was reading the Gospel of Ramakrishna and his way of bhakti hit me hard to revive the bhakti maarga that I used to follow earlier. This was a very interesting phase for a great reason: no bad thoughts crossed my mind at all! I was feverish all the while and lived a blissful life. Prior to this phase, my peaks were of good thoughts most of the time with a few lows of bad thoughts.

However, those days have passed by, unfortunately, and I struggle now to go back there. As of today, good thoughts are minimal and only when I listen to bhajans on my drive. Yesterday, another surprise came by when I was listening to Shri Sadguru Gite in Marathi on my way to office. Out of nowhere I uttered, perhaps loudly, "Sridhar Swami". Ah, the next bhajan was on Sridhar Swami!!! I just felt a blissful wave carry me to the peaks again! Thanks to the melodious voice of Suresh Wadkar.

Here are today's bhajans of Suresh Wadkar that almost watered my eyes:

hey maaya, baapa, guru, devaa
majha nitya nirantara thevaa...

sadguruche charaNa kamala dhyaaii re manaa
swaaminche charaNa kamala sevii re manaa...

Thanks for the callback, Sridharaa :)

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