Hunting high and low

The group Aha! had a song by this title: hunting high and low. This entry, however, has not much to do with the song, though the lyrics would, perhaps, make sense from this angle too, after the blog entry ends.

I think that I hunt high & low. My spiritual yearning goes higher and higher by the day, while this twin personality of the physical world goes lower & lower! They fight with each other trying to snatch their rights, as it is. While the former goes in the search of a guru, the latter tries to convince me that there are things more exciting around me than I care to see. It tries to withhold me from my higher goals and shows the lower goals thats factually an aliasing artifact! The fun doesn't end there. I start with the high hunt but end up with the low, not knowing how the mind's drifted me out! The reverse is also true at times and thats what I would do... if the low hunting is what it takes to reach the high hunting, so be it!

Mind, here I am; hunt me if you can! :)
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