While crossing, kids...!

Today, while driving to office, I was following a slow car that left quite a lot of space in its front. Obviously, I overtook by going over to the right lane. Just then, I saw two kids about to cross watching their right. I saw it beforehand and did a safe overtake, but it may not always happen so with everyone.

Kids are right in doing what they're taught. The Community Living text books read out: "Look at your right and cross half the road. Watch your left before crossing the second half". But such a time is gone, if at all it ever was! You need to watch out every direction before crossing. Even footpaths are not safe here in Bangalore. Out of traffic jams, bikers find it easy to cruise over footpaths! As a friend puts it, the hurry is as if their wives have run away with someone else!

In my childhood, a friend asked why I look at both the directions before crossing. When I replied "galat aur se koi gaadi lekar aa gayaa toh?", he said "tab uski galti hai". I was sure I was right and closed the topic by saying: "galti kisiki bhi ho, jaan toh meri hi jaayegi na!"

Please... kids, watch out for vehicles, always!
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