Saadhaka's traps

Saadhaka is a seeker of spirituality, the truth. He faces a lot of traps on his journey towards the light. Some of these are:

This is where from one starts and keeps on revisiting too. The seeker starts doubting his path. He wonders whether the other ways reach faster. This is the immaturity that one begets due to his own limited efforts. All that he can think of is whether he has progressed; whether things have changed from the past; whether he'll age without any spiritual good!

These are the pitfalls that are the most difficult to come out of. The earlier vAsanAs give rise to these. Sw. Ramakrishna used to say that one who can't control his tendencies towards the opposite sex, must not follow the path of renunciation. Its best that such a person gets married and follows the karma maarga. Others on the path are tested to see if they're still willing to continue. Greatest personalities, such as the sage Vishwamitra, were also tested with the evils of attractions.

The time consuming harm is caused by falling prey to needless emotions. One has to draw a line at getting carried away by emotions and helping others. The latter has no boundaries, but someone else is likely to take undue advantage of the seeker's saintliness. One has a very high risk of giving up the path itself due to the emotional drama created around. Maintaining the balance is very difficult, remind yourself so.

The most difficult to give up is the ego. Maharshi said that the ego stands between the body and you. The ego ties you up to the body. As long as one thinks he's the doer, there's not even an iota of possibility that the ego will leave him alone. There are circumstances that make the seeker angry for no fault of his. This one is best known as a trap meant to harm. Otherwise, once the anger takes over, nothing is left; not even the path.

Thought of traps:
This one is specially created by me. A foolish seeker spends time in recalling the traps and while thinking of traps, he falls into one, gets out and falls into another. This thought of traps itself is a trap. Take the traps in your stride; never think back and assume you're strong enough to avoid these vAsanAs while thinking of them. Give them up. Best solution is to avoid the problem. Facing the problem is not for the seeker; its best handled by the world's managers. Be sure that people will call you a coward for not having *faced* the problem or for running away from it. Ignore nevertheless; walk by the problem, never over them! Let the tests do their job and derive results. You've nothing to do with them.

om tat sat
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