Some puranic thoughts

Ramayan and Mahabharat come to mind when you think of Puranas. Characters untalked much about in these have intrigued me. Even when buying music albums, I've always found that the songs that have become famous among masses due to music videos, catchy tunes, or whatever are not the ones that have interested me. I look for hidden songs that didn't make it big. Thats where the treasure lies. Thats what the group, perhaps, believes in. The run-of-the-mill that filled their wallets were meant to serve only that purpose!

I was just drawing a parallel to these puranas, in terms of my interest. Not in the core teachings, per se; although some core thought might always lie peeking out in these hidden characters. The ones that specifically have made me think are Bharat & Vishwamitra in Ramayan, and Bhishma & Karna in Mahabharat.

Bharat's love for Rama is unparalleled; ofcourse, Lakshman spent his life in Rama's closeness so his love is understood. Lakshman may be considered as a part of Rama, so to say. But Bharat, while being close to Shatrughan, still had an immense love towards Rama. This is something that has been talked of, but is underplayed. His role is quite interesting to me and I'm searching for material that talks of Bharat's ruling (undoubtedly with Rama's blessings) those 14 yrs that Rama was retired to the forests.

Vishwamitra, well known for his anger, was a man of emotions. He would have done anything beyond even the possible to get the needs met. He wouldn't do everything for himself; others troubles worried him more and went all out to help. Trishanku's story stands as proof of Vishwamitra's melting heart. Rama was gifted with a lot of Vishwamitra's earnings from tapasyas, including arsenals.

Bhishma was one of the most important characters who made Mahabharat possible, if I can say that. As Ritesh told me once, Mahabharat starts with Bhishma and ends with him. So very true. His pratijna is well-known. The level of purity and wisdom is comparable to Hanuman himself!

Lastly, I want to talk of the most underestimated person in the Mahabharat works. Thats Karna. He was the biggest daani that was, comparable in some ways to daans made by Harishchandra. Anything that was asked of him, after Surya darshan every morning, was parted with. This is how the biggest war ever, was *humanly* won. I use the word humanly because I'm not counting Krishna's divine powers. If it was to be a battle between Karna and the Pandavas, the former would have won them all over.

Then again, its all His leela.

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