Minding our own business

I like the idea of caste break-up. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not talking of all that untouchability nonsense or upper/lower caste stuff. Purely looking at the way things were handled in Vedic times, it seemed perfect. Consider it as a flat hierarchy where I do my job, you do yours. We exchange our lot to help each other up. I can't live without you and vice-versa. It is perfect. Ofcourse, we can't relate to all this since times have changed, our minds have, our thinking has. There's no trust, etc. Believe it or not, it used to be good. The categorization is akin to present-day job based on qualification & experience. People who curse the Vedic distinguishing art are hypocrites who deal with their own world in a biased fashion. For example, we don't hire a BA grad as a rocket scientist, do we? The other way is equally true: a well-trained scientist can't write prose and poetry where the other excels!

When such boundaries and clearly defined roles exist, one just needs to move ahead without the need to peek here-and-there or wander endlessly. Even today, the best businesses have flat hierarchies, where they all know a manager or a director is as useless as s/he can be, without our good old workers. Ever heard Us and them by Pink Floyd? You got to watch the video too, then!

Once you start following this basic principle of life, its no longer surviving each other, its living... living for each other. A tightly-coupled bonding. A society thats healthy, one that doesn't compete to outdo each other, but competes to serve each other better. Imagine on the other hand, all becoming teachers tending to teach lessons to others (pun intended), while not imparting knowledge! Everyone thinks these days that the other person is a utility to help you and not the reverse. Gone are the days of accidentally stepping on the other's toe and being sorry. Now its time to use the other person as a ladder to climb on!
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