Geet Ramayan

I'm in love with Geet Ramayan sung by Sudhir Phadke in his mesmerizing, melodious voice thats written by Gadima as a bouquet of 56 songs. I haven't heard anything even close to this. Sudhir Phadke's singing is unmatched and it is, undoubtedly, as if he has taken the avataar of the person he is singing for! The crying songs melt your heart, while the songs that spit fire awaken anger the very same way. You feel as if you're witnessing the real Ramayan happening right in front of you! Its as if Saraswati Herself manifested in Gadima's pen and sang through Phadkeji.

This piece of work can't be compared with any other work on Ramayan and will always stand out. I'm sure that if Valmiki himself were to listen to this, he would have praised it too. This kind of work is rare even given a lifetime and I dare say, never again: na bhuto na bhavishyati! Both Gadima and Phadkeji were blessed people to have achieved this feat; may their souls rest in peace for having left behind a treasure that is priceless.

Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram
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