I'm dying!

Maybe, strong words, but thats what I think it is. I'm tired of fighting. Its as if I'm waging someone else's war that serves me neither a purpose nor suits my interest. These are classic symptoms of aging, perhaps. More likely is that I'm born in the wrong era. This world is a world of dogs trying to bite off a bigger piece. Its not nice to be stuck in between selfish people. I'm stuck between crossfire, fighting for God knows what, but I'm getting injured!

This may sound like I'm cribbing, but I'm not! Agreed, I used to, but now I'm not. Just leave me on my own; thats all I ask. There was a time when I was career-minded, trying to get my worth. Now, I'm trying to not live up to that image. Someone told me the other day to do some (nonsensical) leadership stuff that I've been doing for donkey's years, but not getting credit. Then, after I gave up the fight for growth, they wanted me to grow. I don't want it. What need does anyone have for me to grow when I myself have lost all interest? Simple, his growth depends on mine too! But no, please. Well, get someone else.
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