My trademark features & habits

Read irritating habits, if you feel like. Move further at your own risk :)

These are some captures from people's opinions, my own feeling, overheard/eavesdropping, mind-reading, etc, over years. In all probability, they'll remain incomplete. (some may sound in third-person)
  • Loner
  • Agreeably self-centred, if not selfish!
  • Extremely lazy, laziness being an understatement. (I don't know better... er, worse words)
  • When left alone, can get indoors on a Friday night and step out on Monday morning!
  • Meticulous in many things while ignoring other matters, conveniently.
  • When meticulous, to me, God lies in the details.
  • Moody, but mood-snapper for others.
  • Earlier: silent praaNi, like a closed book.
  • Now: An open book. Endless talking, not respecting time (one's own or others) when deep within talks. kaalaaya tasmai namah.
  • Later: Hopefully, silent praaNi, but an open book.
  • Short tempered, got over, short tempered again in some things.
  • Momentary living, just for the sake of it.
  • Can get highly emotional for unknown reasons and get carried away to extremes unexplored by many. (Had once taken a week off for exams, got carried away emotionally and didn't give exams... yes, thats me.)
  • Easily forgets being in the bathroom and can end up taking lots of time, even while having a handwash at the basin!
  • Loves insane moods at times.
  • Is factually insane!
  • Toe in the water for all things interesting and doable, conscience approving.
  • Good listener to all sorts of things; having the capacity to bore others more than they believe they can bore me!
  • Played a consultant on zero-experience (past or future) areas with good results! (sounds unbelievable? Trust me, God's blessings :)
  • Believer in being trusted is better than being loved.
  • Only opportunity needed is one of *retirement*, sooner than later.
  • Want to have the last word, be it a pun, at most times. Like MASH's Hawkeye.
  • Can laugh at everything in life, even while being serious at core: laughter's the best medicine; laughter's the shock absorber of life; smile, tomorrow's going to be worse; smile, you've taken life too seriously!
  • Picks up others habits knowingly or unknowingly. When former, imitates others to irritate.
  • Highly intuitive.
  • Doesn't lie, dislikes lying habits in others.
  • No one knows me (thats true of everyone else also, but worth a mention)
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