Orange, I love

Did you read me right, or did you read me write? :) Yes, I agree, that sentence was nonsense!

Moving on, I love not the cell service provider Orange, not the fruit Orange... but the color Orange! Biased enough to be pointed out by someone so, realizing it and then agreeing too! I got my blog a new template with a taste of orange thrown in. The earlier template was all orange-on-white kinds, perhaps a tinge loud. The colors are soothing to the eye in the new one. My posted photos look different, but good. Enough prasing my own blog.

Thinking aloud, why do I like this color (not naming it again)? Well, its the color that represents, somewhat, my India, also a religion (read "way of life") I believe in, I breathe, I live, but more importantly its the color of a Sanyasi. Its the color of renunciation. Its the color that is within me. Its the color of all starts, all ends. Its the color I'll hopefully die with!
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