Killing the memories

I wanted to blog about something else this morning, but forgot what it was about... it was about memories! Well, now you may wonder where do I have memories to kill? Hmmm, these are not the memories that I want to get by, read on.

Why on earth would anyone want to kill the memories? My usual answer to the question would have been: why not? But that doesn't help. What helps is to know that the memory is made up over a long long time, era, lifetime... er, lives, factually. There have been people with past life memories; there's a lady in India who recalls 7 or 8 of her past lives. Well, you're free to call her insane. Democracy, right? :)

But my idea of killing comes from the fact that these memories over a period unknown make up vaasanaas. Thats desire for you. This set of desires is quite individualistic. Its easier to believe a man of strong likes and dislikes, when he says that it comes from his past experience, doesn't it? Similarly, these past experiences over lives build up and they bias one's mind. You feed the human system something and it stores for ever, except that the retrieval is in a different fashion than one may imagine. Given that, unfullfilled desires get carried as if pushed onto a stack to be popped off for a later time (read life). Every now and then, that desire peeks out to see if you're interested at this stage... its like an endless loop. Breaking off from these doesn't result from postponing the desire. It should be well analyzed and the mind needs to justify to itself that the desire is worthless. Most of us tend to throw away things in life. Storing of stuff comes only when something tells ya that its going to come in handy later. Why carry excess baggage? In later years, we find that the stuff needs more analysis, even repeating most done earlier to assess the value! Best way is to throw away the desires. Even before the desire shapes up, memories are born out of experiences of the senses. Of course, later down its a vicious circle. But earlier to the memory commiting something, knock off. That is, do not encourage the senses themselves for memory to hog on. Feed the senses in the stride... in passing... don't lock up for them to mature into memories. Thats how you kill memories, thereby aborting the desires!
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